Posted on: December 16, 2008 4:32 pm


I dont know if race played a factor in Auburn's hiring of Gene Chizik and i'm not calling it a good decision, but it's crazy how people are blowing the out of proportion. It's not a matter of race, but a matter of who's qualified and who's not. I'm sure eventually there will be more black coaches in NCAAFB but Turner Gill coached at BUFFALO and this is his FIRST winning season as a head coach (They were 7-5 in the MAC). Did it occur to anybody that maybe he isn't ready to coach in the SEC? I don't think it's a good idea to hire somebody with a 10 game losing streak but he at least has experience with texas and Auburn. Maybe we don't agree with the decision, but we can't call it completely illogical and just say "those racist bastards down in the south"

If Auburn interviewed him and saw him as less qualified, can you blame them? Should they higher a black coach even if it doesn't help there chances of winning? Is it racism that NBA teams have a ton more black players then white players because they want to win more? NO. Is it racism that many african americans vote for Obama because he's black. I think it is.... so we cant have a double standard even if race was a factor.

Posted on: July 29, 2008 7:04 pm

Toughts on the Teixiera trade.....

Mark Teixiera for Casey Kotchman and  Stephen Marek.

I love the trade because:

1.Chipper, Hudson, and McCann all hurt=this season down the drain

2. Teixiera unsignable so, Kotchman+Prospect>2 first round draft picks

3. Kotchman at 1.45 mill/year (is that right) is a bargain

4. Losing Teixiera and Hampton's 15 mill after this year sets us up for a potential big offseason

Although Tex is a great player, I think the trade had to be made for the future of the franchise.

Best of luck to Mark and the Angels, who I think will win the world series.

How bout some thoughts from other Braves fan or MLB fans in general.............

Posted on: July 24, 2008 11:50 pm

Francisco Liriano..........what's the deal??

Why haven't the Twins called him up yet? There in the heat of the race and nothing against the guys in there rotation now like Kevin Slowey, Nick Blackburn or Glen Perkins, but Liriano has electric stuff and is is obviously healthy. He's 9-0 with a 2.37 ERA in his last 10 starts and in his last 5 starts, he has a 0.26 ERA and a 42:4 K:BB ratio in his last 35 innings. Explanation anyone???
Posted on: July 14, 2008 11:51 pm

Texiera/Youkilis proposed deal

As, a Braves fan, I'm really not sure what to think of this deal. The Red Sox would would be getting one of the top 1st basemen in the league hitting and fielding for a good (not great) player in youkilis and a pitching prospect. Considering the fact that the Sox can probably resign Tex i'm not so sure i'd be turning that down as a sox fan. Yes, Youk is loved in Boston, but I think my braves might be getting the short end of this deal. The Braves do need bullpen depth but Youk's 2nd have stats have a considerable drop-off. It might just be an offer to get the Yankees involved in a bidding war, but i'm not sure who the would have to offer. As a fan of another team, it would be flat out scary to play a team with a batting order like this:

1. Ellsbury

2. Pedroia

3. Ortiz

4. Manny

5. Texieria

6. Drew

7. Lowell

8. Varitek

9. Lugo


I'm interested in hearing what some other Sox and Braves fans think of this deal.

Posted on: July 7, 2008 3:49 pm

All stats or most popular??

Do you think the MLB all-star game should be about players having the best statistical seasons (ie. Jermaine Dye, Ian Kinsler, Cristian Guzman) or seeing the most popular players ie. (Derek Jeter, Manny Ramirez, Kosuke Fukudome)? Just wanted some thoughts
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